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Have you locked yourself out of your home, business or vehicle? A lockout can be one of the most stressful, inconvenient situations! Especially because they never pick a particularly convenient time to occur. During such situations, what you need more than anything is a service you can trust that can make it out to wherever you are to have you back inside again, promptly!
It’s always wise to prepare for an emergency situation, as this halves the stress of your lockout when (or if) it happens. Saving a reliable, 24/7 locksmith service onto your phone can drastically help you in your time of need. So, what are you waiting for? Call us today at (854) 777-0758!



Whatever time of day or night your lockout strikes, Sofer Services will be ready to assist you. Perhaps you’ve arrived home after a night out at 2am, only to find out you cannot find your key, or maybe your key has snapped in the door of your car and you cannot get in. Whatever form your lockout emergency takes, we can help! We have extensive knowledge and experience in the lockout field, so we most certainly can assist you with your problem!
We will arrive with every piece of equipment we need to gain you re-entry to your car, home or place of work, regardless of the time of day or night!



This is an all-too-common occurrence. Closing your car doors only to realize you left your keys inside and thus, you are unable to get back in or go anywhere. Don’t panic! Sofer Services can easily come out to wherever your car is and get you back inside again. Our specialist tools allow us to gain you entry to even the most difficult and stubborn locks. While we’re there, we can also cut you a new key too, to lessen the chance of it ever happening again! No matter what type of car key you may have (and there are many), we will have all of the equipment we need to get you back in AND create another for you.



If you’ve locked yourself out of your house, for whatever reason, Sofer Services can help. It goes without saying that there are lots of different reasons as to why you may be unable to get into your house. Maybe you’ve lost your house keys, or perhaps someone you live with has the only key and they are out of town. Perhaps your keys have been stolen, even. Whatever the reason, we can come out to your location and get you back inside again, without keeping you waiting outside! We will also be able to cut you a new key too, if you need us to.




Lockouts happen to us all, there’s no reason to feel silly or embarrassed about it. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter where or what you’ve become locked out of We can come out to assist you with any lockout situation you may have found yourself in! We’ll arrive fully equipped with all the tools needed to have you back inside or on the road again. We’re proud of our prompt response time and great prices.



What you need during an urgent lockout situation is to know that there is a service available 24/7 to assist you! That’s why we operate around-the-clock. Whenever you need us, we can be there.