Any professional emergency locksmith understands that lockout emergencies can happen any time, anywhere. That’s why we encourage the residents of Charleston to contact Sofer Services when they’ve locked themselves out!

Our emergency locksmith services are available 24/7 so that when you have an emergency, we’re ready to help! We can come to you in our mobile unit, ready with everything we need to get you back inside.

Quality Emergency Locksmith Services At Great Prices

Where there’s a lock, there’s a chance that you’ll get locked out. No matter where you are in Charleston, you can give Sofer Services a call and we’ll come assist you right away. We handle all types of lockout emergency:

lockout service in Charleston, SC - Sofer Services

Car & Trunk Lockout

Car lockouts eventually happen to every driver. It’s all too easy to step out of the car and leave the keys inside on the seat or in the ignition. We deal with these lockouts every day and are experts at getting you back into your vehicle without damaging the locks!

House Lockout

Even the most responsible homeowners can lock themselves out. When you find yourself without a spare key, and your family is too far away to help – that’s when you need a professional locksmith. Being locked out in extreme weather, or with small children, can make your emergency even more pressing.

Don’t panic – call Sofer Services! We’ll come to your home quickly so that you and your family can return to the safety and comfort of your home.

commercial lock installation in Charleston, SC - Sofer Services

Business Lockout

Every business owner knows exactly how stressful a lockout can be. Whether you manage an office, own a store, or run a large business complex, being locked out can be a major disruption to everyone – you, your employees, and your customers. Don’t lose any precious business hours – contact Sofer Services to get you back inside and back on track!

Safe Lockout

It may happen that you need urgent access to the precious contents of your safe, but can’t remember the combination or have lost the keys. While these locks tend to be more complicated, a true professional locksmith can get them open. We’re equipped to handle even the most challenging lockout emergency – give Sofer Services a call!

Your Emergency Is Our Priority

When we get a call from a customer who has an emergency locksmith situation, we spring into action right away. We don’t make you wait around to be assisted. When you contact Sofer Services about your lockout, here’s what you can expect:

  1. You call us, describe the situation and give us your location.
  2. We come to you as quickly as possible.
  3. We assess your situation and quote you the price.
  4. We complete the job, getting you back inside.
  5. You pay the price we quoted – no hidden fees or surprise charges!

For more information about our services and prices, please see our prices page