Commercial Lock Rekey Service

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Are you a business or commercial property owner/manager in the Charleston area who needs a commercial lock rekey? Sofer Services can help you any time. We work 24/7 all throughout the city, 365 days a year. Moreover, we can come to your commercial space in our mobile unit with all the equipment we need to complete the lock rekey for you. No delays and no wasted time. We’ll be on the job as quick as we can no matter whether it’s an emergency or a scheduled appointment.

We’re an insured, local locksmith service provider with years of industry training and experience. We work to incredibly high standards, dedicated to doing the best job in town and not compromising on the quality of our products, tools, or service.

Commercial Lock Rekey – A Quick Service With a Big Effect

You may be wondering – what exactly is a commercial lock rekey? It’s a simple and quick procedure that many commercial property owners aren’t aware of. However, it has a big effect on your building security!

To understand how a lock rekey works, you have to understand that there are internal parts inside your lock (pins) that line up along a certain point to turn the lock. They function like pieces of a puzzle that your key “solves” in order to open your door. When we rekey your locks, we simply go in and change around these internal pins so that align in a new way and accept a new key. In other words, we just change around the puzzle a bit. We don’t have to take off your locks. We just work with the existing ones. As a result, your locks will stay the same but will need a new key.

If any part of the process is confusing, don’t worry! When we come to your location for the rekey, we’ll walk you through the process step-by-step. We’ll answer all of your questions and address your concerns.

Commercial lock rekey services in Charleston, SC - Sofer Services

Need a Master Key?

No doubt most commercial property owners and managers know what a master key is – a key that works on all the locks around your building. They’re absolutely essential for properties that have keys on many doors, windows, etc…

In order to make you a master key, we’ll need to come to your location and rekey your locks so that they can all be opened by the master key. It’s a quick and simple process that will make things a lot easier and organized for the person in charge of building security.

Customers Love Sofer Services

Sofer Services is dedicated to finishing every job to a high standard. Subsequently, we use only the best products, tools, and equipment when we work. Not only that, but we work with our customers to figure out the best security solutions for their unique needs, never compromising on customer service. We work carefully and considerately, taking care of your property. We won’t damage your locks or your doors. We will always leave your property safer then when we arrived!

Call Sofer Services right away if you need to rekey your commercial locks or to ask about any of our commercial locksmith services: (854) 777-0758