Halloween Security – Tips For Safe Trick or Treating

The season of trick or treating is upon us! While you surf the internet for spooky Halloween costumes and decorations, keep in mind that you need to upgrade your security especially for October 31st. Why? Well, the answer is fairly obvious – on Halloween, your neighborhood will be filled with adventure-searchers who wonder in streets and look for some real spookiness. Don’t get us started about the vandals and thieves who are taking advantage of this day and attack your property. Here we have a few tips that’ll help you secure your home for Halloween.

Keep The Lights On 

Even if you decide to spend your Haloween night partying at your friend’s place or trick or treating with your children, leave the lights inside your house on. The darkened house gives out that the owners are not inside, therefore your property becomes super attractive for vandals and burglars. But, make sure to turn off lights outside your home. It sends the message that you are not open for trick or treaters. 

Make Sure You Have Proper Locks 

Even if you turn off the lights on your patio, wondering trick or treaters might still end up at your front door. So make sure that your locks are of high security in case anyone turns out to be eager for the candy (or other valuables you have at your home). It’s always a good idea to get a locksmith before Halloween to check your locks and fix if there’s any damage. 

Consider Motion Sensor Lights

If you don’t have motion sensor lighting around your home, it’s about time to set it up. Vandals and pranksters tend to panic when the lights turn on suddenly. On top of that, motion-sensitive lights are energy-savers so you’ll get quite some benefits after Halloween is done as well. 

Don’t Hesitate To Get Help

On Haloween people often ignore suspicious behavior and say that it’s probably just kids. However, criminals are well aware of this fact and try to take advantage of the situation. So if you see something illegal or unusual, call the police right away! 

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