How To Deal With a House Lockout

Locked out of your house? We understand your frustration! But don’t get stressed, because there are few things you can do to alleviate your lockout. Sofer Services is the Charleston-based locksmith company. House Lockout support is one of our most popular services. Therefore, we have a huge experience in dealing with lockouts. 

In this blog, we share a few tips that, from our experience, will be extremely helpful in case of a lockout.

Identifying The Cause

You can lock yourself out of your house because of several reasons. If you get locked out, the first thing you should do is to identify the cause. Have you lost your key? Did the key snap into the lock cylinder? Did damage to your lock leave you locked out? After you answer these questions you can find a proper solution to your lockout. 

Any Spare Keys?

You may not have a spare key with you, but you may have given it to your neighbor or relative just in case. Make sure you contact them and ask them to bring you the key. This way you’ll be able to get inside your home soon after they arrive. However, if you don’t have spare keys made, we recommend you to duplicate your new keys as soon as you get them. This will save you from a headache caused by a lockout in the future. 

Get The Tools

Check if you have access to your tool kit this might help you get inside your home. If you have a screwdriver check if there are any visible screws on your doorknob, or if the plate can be removed. If the broken key caused your lockout, no spare key will grant you access if you don’t remove the snapped pieces from the cylinder. A simple key extractor will be helpful in this situation. If you don’t have it in your tool kit, just ask neighbors or visit the nearest hardware store. 

Get Professional Assistance 

There can be a thousand tips on the internet about dealing with lockouts by yourself, however, calling a locksmith is always the best idea. Attempt to open your door may take you quite some time. What’s more, you may even damage your lock accidentally! To get back into your home in no time, call a professional locksmith. If you are in the Charleston area, Sofer Services is at your service on a 24/7 basis. We will take care of your lockout!

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